This photo was taken at the cemetery that was built by the first settlers in a suburb called Hornsby, NSW. The Higgins family were some of the first settlers and most of them are buried at this site. The remains of their homes are still in the surrounding area but contain only the foundation blocks of the houses. In the cemetery itself are quite a few children's plots which points out the time and level of health that was around. It is a very haunting place.
This is a picture of my adorable cat Lexi in our tree on Christmas morning. We woke up in the morning to find her like this!
The Cafe inside the old library- the commision I did yesterday, and I'm happy with the result.
Kirsty - Twilight (Armin van Buuren Remix)
A collection of my self portraits. Feel free to follow me on for more art and photography. Thanks for watching, -Sarah
I made these charms for a contest on YouTube. Though I didn't win, I was very proud of myself for the quality of these charms.
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